Classic Fighters Marlborough

Classic Fighters 2011 - “V for Victory”

WW2 Ground theater at Classic Fighters 2011
Omaka has been privileged to host the largest number of Fokker Triplanes to fly together anywhere since early 1918 when these machines ruled the skies over the western front.

Classic Fighters 2007

The SE.5a is a stable, rugged easy to fly machine
Easter 2007 produced the best weather yet experienced at a Classic Fighters event, along with the best airshow ever held at Omaka.

Classic Fighters 2005

Acitivity on the ground and in the air!
The theme for the 2005 Classic Fighters show was 'France'.

Classic Fighters 2003

Stuart Tantrum in German uniform surveys a captured Avro 504k
Classic Fighters 2003 airshow again presented a range of scenarios that were largely unexpected by the public.

Cowling departs... and the parts pile up.

Author holding large section of aluminum engine cowling that became lodged on Left hand interplane struts
A brush with danger as the Sopwith Camel Cowling comes off in mid-air!

Classic Fighters 2001

Brisfit Ready for take off
Reports from the Omaka Aerodrome