Albatros DVa

Creating a new Albatros

Albatros DVa
The story of how the Vintage Aviator team set about re-creating an exact replica of the WWI Albatros

Notes on Flying the D.Va

Albatros D.Va
Gen DeMarco describes his impressions from the pilots seat of this classic aircraft.

A Brief History of the Albatros D.V

The Albatros DVII has an important place in the evolution of WWI fighter aircraft

Albatros DVa timelapse construction video

See the action in The Vintage Aviator workshop as the Albatros takes shape from the ground up.

Albatros DVa in flight

Albatros DVa
Air to air photography of the Vintage Aviator Albatros DVa reproduction in flight

Albatros DVa Walkaround

Detail photos of every part of the finished Vintage Aviator Albatros DVa reproduction