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Bentley 230hp BR2 Engine Build

Because of its physical size and the fact that this was the last Rotary to be used by the RAF, the TVAL team were quite excited about this project. While a number of people have successfully made ¼ scale versions of this engine, quite a few design changes were made with the drawings to be able to achieve this, so when compared to original parts a number of items are quite different. For this reason the use of these ¼ scale drawings to build a full size engine was definitely not an option, as the completed engine would not at all be accurate, and would likely weigh more than an original. For TVAL the first problem was to locate an original engine to copy. This was not easy, however one was eventually located and its owner generously agreed to lend it to us. Once the engine arrived it was carefully dismantled, cleaned, each part photographed, and drawings made.Read more