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RAF4a Engine Build

RAF4a Engine
Building the 4a was a very challenging exercise, with thousands of hours spent researching and creating drawings for every single part.

Re.8 Static

Assembled airframe on workshop floor
We had less than 6 months to build an accurate RE.8 for static display.

Sopwith Pup in flight

Sopwith Pup
The Sopwith Pup's First Flight.

Wings over Wairarapa '11

January 2011 - We Will Remember!

FOKKER DVIII - in flight

FOKKER DVIII Reproduction flies! This aircraft is equipped with a TVAL built Oberursel engine.
Details coming soon...

Creating a new Albatros

Albatros DVa
The story of how the Vintage Aviator team set about re-creating an exact replica of the WWI Albatros