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As part of the continued airworthieness support for aircraft, components or parts manufactured by The Vintage Aviator Ltd  relevent Service Bulletins will be listed below.

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Service Bulletin Numbersort descendingAircraft Make / ModelSerial Numbers AffectedIssue DateComplianceGeneral InformationUpload Service Bulletin
0001TVAL - SE5AWA18 / WA19 / WA2005/11/2008MandatoryThe Vintage Aviator has had two reported cases of the front landing wire p/n W4E00321-94.5 failing in flight.Service-bulletin-0001.pdf (359 KB)
0002TVAL - SE5AWA18 / WA19 / WA2020/01/2009MandatoryReplacement of duplicating link W1S010073 with duplicating link W1S070030Service-bulletin-0002.pdf (286 KB)
0003All aircraft with Batch# 11904 barrels fitted.Batch # 1190420/08/2010MandatoryThe Vintage Aviator have found one batch of turnbuckle barrels which were manufactured incorrectly, and have defective threads.Service-bulletin-0003.pdf (219 KB)
0004TVAL - RE8 / BE2F / BE2EALL12/06/2012MandatoryThis bulletin details a modification to the altered part increasing the surface area of the bracket that contacts the spaService-bulletin-0004.pdf (282 KB)
0005TVAL - RE8 000213/06/2012MandatoryReplacement of Hori Stab trim adjuster bracing tube, upper boltService-bulletin-0005.pdf (315 KB)
0006TVAL - SE5AWA18 / WA2018/04/2016MandatoryOne off inspection and a repetitive inspection of this bracket (Original P/n A10300-6, TVAL P/n W1S010188)Service-bulletin-0006.pdf (292 KB)
0007TVAL-RAF4a EngineALL06/11/2017MandatoryThe Vintage Aviator has found that these inlet valve rods (Batches 6414 and 9975) were hardened all over, rather than just the base and as a result may crack through the adjustment thread area.Service-bulletin-0007.pdf (296 KB)
0008Sopwith SnipeAll07/05/2018MandatorySopwith Snipe Lower Fuel Tank Pump Drive ShaftService Bulletin 0008.pdf (2849 KB)
0009All TVAL aircraft with authentic German style seat belt, or Sutton harnessAs above28/11/2018OptionalThis bulletin informs the operator of the risk that it may be difficult to unfasten the seat belts if the aircraft is inverted and suggests that seat belt cutters are fitted.Service Bulletin no 9_0.pdf (316 KB)
0010Mercedes DIII Piston Rings Part no W2M1802-0013As per bulletin.11/06/2019MandatoryThe Vintage Aviator has found that some rings were manufactured incorrectly and whilst conforming to the drawings for all other dimensions, were not completely round.Service Bulletin no 10.pdf (362 KB)